Stish is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Stish is currenctly an ERC-20 Token and can be handled most Ethereum wallets. Use this area to talk about Stish and Stish related topics and discussions so that people in the future might benefit from the shared knowledge gained!

Exchanges is awesome and with the forum the place of our dreams is finally coming together. Please take time to share valuable information about exchanges here. Let others know about your positive and negative experiences about different exchanges. Help other who might be getting started with crypto understand what exchanges are and how they work. Maybe you could create a topic about your favorite exchange with a helpful user guide and video!


What is Where is it going? How are you using As
the developer I’m amazed at how some people are using the website and how often others are completely missing the boat on its use and functions. Please share how and why you love

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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Let’s Talk Cryptocurrency In This Special Section Devoted To Crypto Currency. Feal free to write your own topics or articles about your favorite reputable cryptocurrency. Open up topics for discussion about how cyrpto currency will shape the world in the future.

Steem & Steemit

Steemit and the Steem Blockchain have plenty of topics to discuss. There might not ever be a shortage of things to talk about. Steem, Steem Power, SBD and the whole rewards based system and terminology can be broken down piece by piece and could help people learn more about the Steem Chain and Social Portal.


There are tons of wallets available now. Unlike the old days where you had to install sophisticated software on your PC to create a wallet, now wallets are created in the cloud. Some wallets are specific to IOS and Android mobile devices. Others are available as extensions to browsers and many are created on website with private keys downloadable. Still many are hardware wallets but the ease of use has become so much better.